Using Storytelling techniques:

The definition of storytelling is relatively self-explanatory. The act of storytelling involves narrating tales. It involves employing stories to touch your audience or to clarify a point. A good story can also be told effectively using photos, images, and movies, of course. Using storytelling, you may even write your own digital story.

Communication has always been facilitated by stories. People used to tell each other stories before they could write. Simple facts are considerably harder to recall than stories. Additionally, stories are entertaining and encourage imagination. Parents give their children stories for this reason. We enjoy watching movies and reading books for this reason.
People are addicted and they enjoy stories.

Imagine your musical universe as a movie or a novel with chapters. Every move you make as a musician gives you the opportunity to advance your narrative and forge new bonds with your public.
Your story is comprised of every performance you give, every video you make, every new song you release and every piece of writing about your project. Additionally, that narrative arouses interest and enthusiasm while fostering a sense of camaraderie between you and your audience.

You want to create with your music and with your story by sharing your journey, that sort of fan who is hoping to one day say: “I have been their fan since their very beginning”.

If the music composer is telling the story, it is possible to mention the sources of inspiration, may it be their past, expectations for the future, other musicians, love or any source of inspiration they may have had.

Your story may be used on a website to create a page about your journey and your music project or in a short clip.

You will be remembered in a more effective way if your journey is told in the form of Storytelling.

You now have access to a wide range of sites, including Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, and soon Instagram TV, on which to express yourself.
Your story might take on many different formats and the goal is to learn how to switch between these many platforms. Some must be heard while others can be read, seen, or both. Your preferred method of expression, as well as your available resources, including time and money, will determine the communication medium you select.

Tell your story guys and create a real link with your community.