Deftones Quiz

Deftones Quiz

Do you like Deftones? Let's see how much you know about the band!

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How old was Chino when he started the band and how old was he when Adrenalina was released?

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What is on the cover of the Diamond Eyes Album?

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What is the fifth Deftones Studio Album?

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What does the word Feiticeira mean?

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The song Lhabia, is a reference to:

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Who was the producer of their first albums?

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What's the name of the first Demo they released before their first Album, Adrenaline?

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Which Deftones song is on the soundtrack of the movie " Queen of the Damned"?

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Which album is the song Knife Party, and how did Chino come up with this name?

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What is Chino Moreno's real name?

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Which singer was invited by Deftones in Passenger?

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How many official studio albums have Deftones made?

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What is the name of the two side projects Chino Moreno is working on?

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Which band invited Chino recently on stage and played together the song Territory?

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Which Deftones lyrics have this sentence, "See, the life I've had can make a good man bad"?

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In the early years, Deftones toured with a famous NU band:

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What does "White Pony" (the name of their 3rd album, but you know that, right?) mean in street slang?

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Which Deftones member had an accident and was in a wheelchair when learning music?

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What Deftone song was in the movie Matrix?

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When was their very first international tour, which was the first country they played??

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If you have at least 50% of correct answers on this Quiz, congratulations, you have decent taste in music and are effortlessly cool & trendy but down-to-earth and open-minded, and you know all the best bands around, old and new.

If you have over 50% of the correct questions, you are getting old, you think you have super cool taste in music, but you are stuck in time, you wish you were in your 20s again and miss that phase when you had a life and was considered “cool”. Now you’re trying to see what the next cool things are, but it doesn’t compare to Chino, Trent, Corey and Manson… but hey, look at the bright side: you know A LOT about Deftones and probably a bunch more of old stuff and old bands :o) This sort of Music is timeless. Some people might still think you are cool… Your little sister? Your granny? PS: It’s a bit of a personal joke here, but it may apply to so many of you!

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