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This is a bit about all sorts of bands and to check your general knowledge on Heavy Music.

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Who produced Sanctuary’s first album, Refuge Denied, and played the opening solo on their cover of White Rabbit?

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What three names has the band Satan gone by throughout their career?”

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What song does Thomas Gabriel Fischer credit most with inspiring him to form Hellhammer and Celtic Frost?

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What was the very first Judas Priest album, and what year was it released?

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The singer of Sabaton, Joakim Brodén, most recently worked this job before going full-time with a job in music:

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Who was Megadeth’s first live rhythm guitarist?

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Other than music, what business endeavour did Warrel and Jim from Nevermore and Sanctuary enter into together during their many years of friendship?

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What is Metallica’s 1988 « …And Justice For All » albums distinctive sound feature?

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Before joining Hawkwind, who did Lemmy get his start with as part of their road crew?

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What sort of accident took the life of guitar prodigy Randy Rhoads?

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Which member of a famous NU band also played on Stage with Metallica and Satyricon?

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Which of the following bands never worked with Rick Rubin?

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Which one of these bands is not British?

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How many Albums did Trent Reznor produce for Manson, and what are their names?

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What's the name of the band In Flames Mascott?

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What British Prime Minister appears in the cover of an Iron Maiden single?

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Which one of these bands has brothers playing together?

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Which of these bands doesn't have brothers playing together?

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What Heavy Metal band started out as a Glam Metal band before becoming one of the proponents of a rhythm-based style known as Groove Metal?

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Which Heavy Metal band had a crossover hit with a song that had synthesizers play the basic intro and riff?

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What does the word Meshuggah mean?

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From whose song did Judas Priest, the classic British heavy metal band, get its name?

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Which German Teutonic Thrash band was formed first?

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What bands comprise the "unholy trinity" of British bands that were a major influence on Metal?

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What major musical style does the band Opeth mix with the Death Metal style?

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Which one of these BM bands is not from Norway?

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