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Death band Quiz

Are you a Death fan? Check out how much you know about the band.

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What is the name of the very first band Chuck put together?

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What was the name of Chuck Schuldiner’s side project/band that he had towards the end of his life?

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What was the name of their third studio album?

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What other instrument did Schuldiner play and record for the band apart from the guitar?

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How many Studio albums did the band release?

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Where was the band formed?

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Which album shows an eye on its cover?

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What song composed by Chuck is considered to be the beginning of Melodic Death Metal?

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Which album showed a significant change in style for the band in terms of lyrics and music, and is Death's best-selling album?

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What was the name of their first Demo when Death wasn't yet known as Death but as Mantas?

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Which band member designed the very first Death logo?

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What song the sentence "It will take you in, it will spit you out" was taken from

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Who was originally approached to sing on Chuck’s Control Denied project but had to pass because of scheduling conflicts?

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What song by a famous British band, Death covered and recorded in a studio album?

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What's the name of the last Demo Chuck made before releasing his first studio Album, "Scream Bloody Gore"?

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Which city in Florida were Mantas and Death formed?

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If you got at least 50% of the correct questions, you know quite a bit about Chuck and Death, and you have an AWESOME taste in music, I am sure of it. Follow me, please, on Ig, Spotify, etc.

If you got more than 50% of the right questions… you are probably one of those folks who have a fan tribute Chuck page on IG, Facebook and everywhere. You think Chuck is a sort of “Jesus” and the real father of DEATH Metal, and you are very PROUD of all this knowledge because one day HE will be back, and only the believers will be allowed to join “HIM” and sit by his side Follow me on IG because we have this in common: I will be there too… sitting right by “HIS” side :o)

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