Oathbreaker is a Black Metal band formed in Flanders, Belgium, in 2008. The band comprises vocalist Caro Tanghe, who uses both guttural and clean vocals, guitarists Lennart Bossu and Gilles Demolder and drummer Wim Coppers (who replaced Ivo Debrandere in 2016).

The band has three studio albums: Mælstrøm (2011), Eros/Anteros (2013) and Rheia (2016).

Musical characteristics
As a bearer of relevant eclecticism, the band has often been associated with various genres and subgenres within rock and heavy metal, such as post-metal, black metal, blackgaze, hardcore punk scream, post-rock and shoegaze.

Another relevant feature is the voice of vocalist Caro Tanghe, who receives a lot of attention due to her vocal diversity. The entertainment magazine Exclaim! attests to this, saying that Caro Tanghe’s voice moves between strong, high-pitched screams that are reminiscent of the lead singer of the band Converge, as well as between the screams typical of Black Metal

Lennart Bossu – guitar (2008–present)
Gilles Demolder – guitar, bass (2008–present)
Caro Tanghe – vocals (2008–present)
Wim Coppers – drums (2016–present)

2011 – Mælstrøm[6]
2013 – Eros/Anteros[6]
2016 – Rheia[7]