Amon Amarth

Amon Amarth is a melodic death metal band from Tumba, Sweden. The group, which addresses Viking themes in its lyrics, has become one of the most respected names in the heavy metal scene. After signing with the Metal Blade label back in the 1990s, they released acclaimed albums that led the band to perform at various festivals across Europe, and later in America and Asia. With 2019’s Berserker (voted by the portal Loudwire as one of the 50 best metal albums of 2019), Amon Amarth has released a total of 11 studio albums.

Originally formed in 1988 under the name “Skum”, it became Amon Amarth in 1992, a name taken from J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings, which means “Mount Doom” in Sindarin, a language also referred to as “the language of the grey elves”, “the language of Beleriand”, being several times referred to in the books as simply “the elven tongue”.

In 1992, when the new name was adopted, the band consisted of vocalist Johan Hegg, guitarist Olavi Mikkonen and Anders Hansson, bassist Ted Lundström, and drummer Nico Kaukinen.

The band’s first demo, “Thor Arise”, was recorded in 1993, but never released due to sound problems. A second demo followed in April 1994, “Arrival of the Fimbul Winter”, of which all issued copies were sold.

In November 1995, after signing a contract with Pulverised Records, the band decided to use Peter Tägtgren’s (lead singer and guitarist of Hypocrisy) “Abyss Studio” for five days. Thus, the EP “Sorrow Throughout The Nine Worlds” was released in April 1996.

Shortly thereafter drummer Niko Kaukinen left the band, being replaced by Martin Lopez. With a new drummer and, once again, the help of Peter Tägtgren, Amon Amarth’s debut album “Once Sent From The Golden Hall” is released in 1998 on the Metal Blade label.

Guitarist Johan Söderberg and drummer Fredrik Andersson were added to the band in 1999 for the recording of the album “The Avenger”, due to the departure of Hansson and Lopez. Lopez left to join the band Opeth.