This site is dedicated to all trends of Metal music. We want to honour and exalt musicians who brought joy, inspiration and comfort to many generations for decades but also promote and introduce all the most important styles and bands to the unaware public.

You will find on this site the story and origins of Heavy Metal, its evolution as well as listings made by style with bands, their history and discography.

I am also introducing and promoting new musicians and bands, giving all the updates on the Metal world like future concerts (hopefully soon) and album releases.

Most of us heard at least once that “Metal” is teenager music an a “phase” but this couldn’t be farther from the truth:

Heavy Metal is not “teenager” music, on the contrary, we are talking about complex music compositions and highly skilled and talented musicians.

Compared to other musical genres like “Pop”, “Rap” or even “Hard Rock”, producing good Heavy music (like quality Black, Death/Deathcore for example) requires a level beyond in terms of musical skills and technic.

Metal can be compared to Classical music and it triggers the same sort of deep emotions, with the same intensity in musicians and lovers.

Metal survived throughout the years without any radio airplay (or only from the few specialized stations) or mainstream exposure, kept alive by passionate fans.

Like Classical music, Metal will never die.

Loving Metal is rarely a “phase”, if someone is a true Metalhead, they will die a Metalhead.

Metal is simply Passion in all its forms, transformed into Music.

Daniela P.