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Children of Bodom

If you are a fan of the Children of Bodom, you can now evaluate your knowledge of the band with his Quiz made with love for all Hatecrew folks!

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What was the final lineup before the band split?

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What was the first name of the band which they used to released all the first Demo recordings?

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Which Finnish city was the band from?

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What is their third Studio Album?

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What's the name of the Reaper?

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How many studio albums and how many live albums The Children released?

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How many years did Laiho play with the Finnish BM band Impaled Nazarene?

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What is the name of the music project Laiho was a part of from 1997 to 2004 as lead guitar and backing vocals?

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What Dissection song Bodom After Midnight covered?

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Who was the only former musician from Children of Bodom who followed Alexi on the follow-up project Bodom After Midnight?

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The spoken intro to the 'Hatebreeder' album: "From now on we're enemies... You and I." Where was this phrase/dialogue extracted from?

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In September of 2002, Alexi's custom Jackson guitars were stolen (one bearing the famous "Wildchild" sticker), and Jackson was in transition, bought by Fender and couldn't replace the instruments fast enough. Alexi signed with another guitar brand... which was?

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Which Slayer song was covered by The Children?

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Without looking (no cheating), in which studio album cover do you hardly see The Reaper? You see mostly a close-up of his hand holding the Scythe and a head silhouette in a grey background.

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Without looking (no cheating), what is the colour of the cover of the album Hatebreeder?

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What is the initiation ritual to be an "official member" of the "Hate Crew," and which famous band is known to have passed the test? PS: two answers may be possible on this question.

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Which album has a joke hidden 8th track called "Bruno the Pig". It is just 11 seconds of silence.

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They started their first tour in 1998. What bands did they tour with, and which musician from the 1998 official lineup couldn't go on this tour and was replaced?

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What year was formed Inearthed?

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One last question... What was Alexi's surname?

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"To torment you like a motherfuckin' whore- I'll make you cry forever more." from what song was this sentence extracted?

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Which album is considered the most technical in terms of guitar playing among all the ten studio albums they released?

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