Metal Love songs

You may be surprised by the number of love songs you find here to help you create a Valentine’s Metal playlist.
In addition to the skill of great musicians, Metal allows, accepts and exalts all sorts of human feelings, even those perceived as negative, such as anger and extreme passion.

I will mention most Metal romantic music to build a playlist, but I want to emphasize unexpected bands/songs. There are numerous love songs on Progressive Metal, Symphonic Metal, Power Metal, Folk and NU, but the main goal here is to focus on those bands that have atypical romantic songs but who also have their moments or those spooky love songs and inappropriate, voir risqué choices for your Valentine playlist.

There are a few genres where you won’t find ballads or romantic songs like Thrash. There are no ballads on Thrash.
Also, Death and its subgenres, apart from Melodeath and Doom Death. I looked for a Thrash song with a romantic inclination, and the best I could find was “She is So Heavy” by Coroner. The song sounds more Doom than Thrash, but it is definitely a sexy one you must check out and perhaps add to your Valentine’s playlist. I find this song very fitting for a “strip tease”; check it out.

There is a Grindcore band called Pig Destroyer who made a rather tragic song which is not appropriate for Valentine’s but still a love song, “Girl in the Slayer Jacket“.

There are former Thrash bands like Slayer, Megadeth and Metallica who came up with love-related songs after their Thrash phase. Slayer’s “I’m Gonna Be Your God” is a fast, uplifting, cheeky song, sort of romantic and as a bonus, you get a fantastic solo by Jeff.
However, talking about Slayer, I guess this is all when it comes to “romance” because the other songs evoking”erotic thoughts” involve murder. We can take “213”, “Dead Skin Mask”, and “Desire” off the Valentine’s list of songs if you don’t want to spook your date.
The song’s 213 title comes from the California penal code section for voluntary manslaughter. The section reads, “the killing of a human being without malice aforethought, upon a sudden quarrel or heat of passion.” Thus, the song’s title refers to a crime of passion or rage.

The same goes for Megadeth: you have the songs. “Ecstacy, or “I’ll Be There”, which could be good for a Metal Valentine playlist, but “Last Rites / Loved to Deth” is a morbid dong. Considering the passion, if your lover is a dark type, these darker songs may please him/her.

“I’ll have to kill
My only love, something
I’ve never felt
Now you’ve gone to heaven
And I’ll burn in hell
I loved you to death.”

I like the idea of keeping my dates and boyfriends alive, and I’d rather avoid spooking them, so I am keeping Slayer’s “I’m Gonna Be Your God” and Coroner, but I will pass on the others.
Another obvious choice for a Metal Valentine playlist is Metallica’s “Nothing Else Matters”, but there is also “Loverman” to complete the former Thrashers gone romantic list.

Still on heavier bands, Death Metal Swedish band Grave, with the song “In Love” talks about being crazy in love to the point of bringing your lover back from the grave and “Deathmask Divine” by American Melo Death Black Dahlia Murder band on the same theme. Both are morbid but somehow touching, and depending on how you see things, these songs could be up for your consideration. There is a Grindcore band called Pig Destroyer who made a rather tragic song inappropriate for Valentine’s but still a love song, “Girl in the Slayer Jacket”.

Three instrumental songs that would fit well are “Voice of the Soul” by Death, “Desolate Ways” by Morbid Angel and “Persephone” by Opeth.
When it comes to Melodeath, the Children of Bodom have four songs that I love: “Bed of Razors”, “The Black Widow”, “Bed of Nails”, and “Kissing the Shadows”. In Flames, “Stay with Me” and “Pure Light of Mind” are very touching love songs and deserve a place in a Valentine’s playlist.
We also have Groove Metal Pantera with “Floods” and “This Love” and a surprising one: Lamb of God’s “Walk with me in hell” is a love song Mark Morton made for his wife.
“Snuff” by Slipknot fits on any Metal Valentine playlist and is one of the most well-known Metal ballads ever, along with “Vermillion”. These are good picks, not to mention these songs accurately express the versatile musical genius of Corey Taylor.

Since we are already on the darker side with these last passion-filled tracks, we can pass to Goth, Black and Doom Metal, with bands that frequently talk about love, like Type O Negative, Him, and Poisonblack and others like Dark Funeral who aren’t normally romance oriented and rather dark but are the authors of one of my favourite sexy but also incredibly romantic song “Atrum Regina”. Aturm Regina is the ultimate Metal song empowering women and love, talking about passion and a unique, explicit love, both literal and love as a feeling as she is his perfect Queen.
They also have the songs “In My Dreams”, “My Latex Queen” and “Goddess of Sodomy” making them the horniest Black Metal band around.

There are so many love songs to choose from these bands that I think I may have to make a list with my favourite ones.

Type O Negative: “Be My Druidess”, “Cinnamon Girl”, “Love you to Death”, “Can’t lose you”, “Haunted”, “Stay out of My Dreams”.

Poison Black: “With Her I die”, “In Lust”, “Love Infernal”.

Him: “Diabolical Rapture”, “Your sweet 666”, “Heaven Tonight”, “Razorblade Kiss”, “Poison Girl”, “Right Here in My Arms”.

Now, when it comes to British bands, you have Judas Priest’s “Prisoner of Your Eyes”, “Angel”, “Pain and Pleasure”, “Eat Me Alive” and “Love Zone“, Iron Maidens’s “Wasting Love”, Black Sabbath’s “No Stranger to Love” and “Dying for Love”, Motorhead “Love me Forever” and Whitesnake with “Is This Love” Cradle of Filth “Black Goddess Rises” and “The Death of Love”.
In Germany, Scorpions with “Still Loving You” and many other love songs like “Send Me an Angel”, “Rhythm of Love”, and a cover of “Tainted Love”, Remmstein with “Amour” and the cheeky song “Pussy” that could fit in a Valentine’s “naughty” playlist.

On the other side of the Atlantic, Love is also in the air, and it’s worth mentioning “You’re Mine” by Disturbed and the two love specialist Metal Bands NIN and Deftones.


Killswitch Engage: “The End of Heartache” and “My Curse”

Trivium: “Dying in your arms”, “This world can’t tear us apart“.

Nu and Industrial Metal

Deftones, NIN and Marilyn Manson.
Now, there are so many Deftones and NIN love songs, but I will list my favourite ones because they have the best love songs.

Deftones; “Change in the House of Flies”, “Romantic Dreams”, “Rx Queen”, “Digital Bath”, “Sextape”, and the Sade cover “No Ordinary Love”.

NIN: “We’re in this together”, “Closer”, and “The Fragile” are my favourites.

Manson: “Kill4me” and three covers “Tainted Love”, “I Put A Spell On You”, and “Sweet Dreams”.

I will have to make a part 2 with Glam, Doom and Power Metal, Post Black and Progressive Metal, but for now, I am inviting you to check our playlists on Spotify.

Two final songs that don’t quite fit on Glam but are fan and romantic:

Kiss “I Was Made to Love You” and The Kinks cover by Van Halen “You Really Got Me” and “Love Walks In”.