Dokken is an American Heavy Metal and Hard Rock band formed in 1978. It has sold more than 10 million records worldwide and has been at the top of several charts over the years.

The band’s original lineup was Don Dokken (vocals), George Lynch (guitar), Juan Croucier (bass) and Mick Brown (drums). In 1983, Croucier left the band to join Ratt and was replaced by Jeff Pilson. Only Don and Mick remain in the original lineup today after several members passed through the band.

As the name itself demonstrates, Dokken was a band created by one person: Donald Dokken. The frontman of this band launched himself at the beginning of the 80s with the EP “Breaking the Chains” under the name Don Dokken. He had the support of Juan Croucier (bassist), who would later join Ratt.

Don became known in the music world even before recording his album, as he sang lead vocals on the Scorpions album “Blackout” due to Klaus being ill. Before becoming a vocalist, he tried playing the guitar and saxophone but didn’t achieve much.

Don signed a contract with Elektra Records, who thought it would be better for the project to be a band, and this way, only the name Dokken would remain. The members had already been chosen: Jeff Pilson (bass), George Lynch (guitar) and Mick Brown (drums).

In 1984, they released “Tooth And Nail”, which immediately won over the public. Songs like “Just Got Lucky” and “Into The Fire” rocked American parties.

In 1985, “Under Lock and Key” came out, and its success tripled. Dokken entered the race for the crown of kings of Californian hard. This second album features the hit “It’s not Love” and the incredible “Unchain the Night”.

Dokken was getting higher and higher. Tours followed, and and critics praised the band, especially George Lynch, for his technique and speed. After the album “Back from the Attack” was released, Dokken reached its peak, even being nominated for the Grammy Awards. George Lynch became popular with the media and was acclaimed as a guitar god.
Such exaggerations inflated the musician’s ego, who began to clash with Don Dokken.

“Beast from the East” came out on the tour for this album. Recorded live in Japan, this album earned Dokken the honourable mention of the most powerful live hard band, surpassing Motley Crue and Quiet Riot.

George Lynch leaves the band and forms Lynch Mob, taking drummer Mick Brown with him.
Jeff Pilson went to work with Dio. Don Dokken returned to his initial project, his solo album, under the name Don Dokken only. The result is “Up From the Ashes”, featuring ex-Europe John Norum. The album divided opinions. The album is heavy and technical, but many said it was missing something.

Under pressure from the media, Don and George make peace or pretend to make peace. In 1994, they recorded the acoustic “One Live Night”. The record company asked for a new album and released “Dysfunctional”. Of course, the album is well received with Jeff and Mick together, but sales are lower than expected. George decides to take over the band. Don leave the job in his hands.

An alternative producer is hired. From the first contact with the band, he made it very clear that he hated Hard Rock and never liked Dokken, so everything would be reformulated. “Shadowlife” is released. The album is the worst of the band’s career, with a poor and dirty sound. Dokken hits rock bottom. The atmosphere was so heavy that Don and George ended up hanging out together in the studio.

With all this, George left again, John Norum participated in 15 shows at the end of 1997, and Reb Beach (ex-Winger) joined the following year. In 99, they released “Erase the Slate” with the intention of erasing the bad impression left by its predecessor. The result is positive, but the band suffers another casualty on the guitar. Reb Beach leaves his post to return to Winger.
John Norum returns, and later, they record the album “Long Way Home”. Songs like “Little Girl” and “Under the Gun” mark a new phase of Dokken.

The band’s chronic problem strikes again, and this time leaves consequences… guitarist John Norum leaves the band to return to Europe, and Jeff Pilson doesn’t stay either. Taking their place are Alex De Rosso and Barry Sparks, respectively.

Later, both left and, in their places, Jon Levin came in on guitar, who remains in the band to this day. Numerous bassists have already passed through the band.

In 2016, the band reunited with the classic 80s lineup for shows in the USA and Japan and recorded a new video and live CD in Japan, to be released in 2018 (which also included 3 new songs).

Current members

Don Dokken – vocals and occasional guitars (1978-1989, 1993 – present)
George Lynch– guitar (2015 – present)
Jeff Pilson – bass (2015 – present)
Mick Brown – drums, backing vocals (1980-1989, 1993 – present)

Former members

Steve Barry – guitar (1978)
Greg Pecka – drums (1978)
Peter Baltes – bass (1978)
Greg Leon – guitar (1978-1980)
Gary Holland – drums (1978-1980)
Jeff Tappen – bass (1978-1979)
Gary Link – bass (1979-1980)
Juan Croucier – bass (1980–1983)
George Lynch – guitar (1980-1989, 1994-1999, 2016-2018)
Jeff Pilson – bass, backing vocals (1983-1989, 1993-2001, 2016-2018)
Reb Beach – guitar (1999–2001)
John Norum – guitar (1997, 2001–2003)
Alex De Rosso – guitar (2003-2004)
Barry Sparks – bass, backing vocals (2001–2009)

Temporary members for shows

Mikkey D – drums (2001 Swedish Rock Festival)
Jeff Tappen – bass
Frankie Banali – drums (2002)
Adam Hamilton – bass (2002)
Greg Smith – bass (2005)
Sean McNabb – bass (2006)
Chris McCarvill – bass (2008)
Jeff Martin – drums (2008)
Bobby Marks – drums (2008)
Vik “Vikki” Foxx – drums (8-2007)
BJ Zampa – drums (2008-10)
Billy Dee – Bass (2008)

Studio albums

Breaking the Chains (1983)
Tooth and Nail (1984)
Under Lock and Key (1985)
Back for the Attack (1987)
Dysfunctional (1995)
Shadowlife (1997)
Erase the Slate (1999)
Long Way Home (2002)
Hell to Pay (2004)
Lightning Strikes Again (2008)
Broken Bones (2012)