Norwegian black metal. Created by Abbath, an ex-former of Immortal, after he had to leave the band because of tensions with Demonaz, the other former of the band. ABBATH was created in 2015 by Abbath, joined by Creature (drummer) and King ov Hell (bass guitar). The first concert of this lineup was at the Tuska Open Air 2015, a Metal festival in Finland. During this live, they played mostly Immortal songs and an exclusive one, “Fenrir Hunts”, an upcoming song from their first album.

So in 2016, the band released his first album named “Abbath”, yes once again. The cover of the album is literally the corpse paint of Abbath; it’s 100% pure Abbath. This album is classic black metal, based on the work originally made for the new Immortal album and the collaboration of the new artists of the band. This album is also the beginning of the collaboration with the label “Season of Mist”.
The second album of the band, named “Outstrider” was out in July 2019, still in collaboration with the label “Season of Mist”. For this album, it’s a fully new lineup, except Abbath indeed, due to conflicts about the artistic vision of the band. The cover is once again Abbath’s corpse paint but a bit more subtle than the previous album.
2022 is the year of the release of the third album of ABBATH, named “Dread Reaver”, out on the 25 March of the year, once again with “Season of Mist”. This time again, Abbath is on the cover as a demonic version of himself.

ABBATH is a reputed band in Black Metal scene, carried by his famous former band, Abbath. The band is very active in concerts and album releases, so there will be more in the future. Abbath still has things to tell us, and now he doesn’t have any limits to do it.


2016 : Abbath
2019 : Outstrider
2022 : Dread Reaver