Metal and Videos games:

Brütal Legend, released the 13 october 2009, is maybe the most Metal video game ever made, it’s not just because of the music, everything is Metal in it. The universe is Metal, the music is obviously Metal, people are Metal, with some cool guests,..
For the synopsis, it’s the story of Eddy Riggs, roadie for a “metal” band and he is brought by Ormagöden, an obvious reference to Snaggletooth from Motörhead, in the Metal world. And he has to fight to free humans from the grip of the demons. In this universe, Metal is a weapon, a guitar can throw lightning or set your enemies on fire. Build a stage for a show is even a way to fight and command your army of metalheads.
During your travel in this world you will meet many legends of the Metal scene, with their appearances and their voices.
Here’s the list :
Jack Black as Eddie Riggs
Ozzy Ozbourne as the Guardian of Metal
Lemmy Killmister as the Killmaster
Rob Halford as the Baron
Kyle Gass as Kage the Kannonier

And obviously, talking about Metal, there is a lot of music from many bands like Motörhead, King Diamond, In Flames, Judas Priest, Riot, Ministry, Iced Earth, Black Sabbath, Dethklok, Children of Bodom, Saxon,… There is a choice for every body and many kinds of Metal.
And there are many references to stories of Metal, like you can meet during a quest a bat with the face of young Ozzy, we all know the taste of Ozzy for bats.
In conclusion this game is just a declaration of love to Metal and his universe. It’s probably not the best game ever but probably it’s the best Metal game. If you have some interest in video games, you should play this one once.