Metal Mascots 2

Metal mascots

Snaggletooth – Motörhead :

The iconic mascot of Motörhead was created in 1977 by Joe Petagno. Lemmy Killmister asked Joe Petagno to create a logo for his band, something like a biker’s logo. In the beginning, Joe thought about something like a human skull, the kind of Hells Angels logo. But he changed to an animal skull and then a mixed animal skull. So he mixed a gorilla, a dog, and a wolf skull with big wild boar tusks.

Snaggletooth appeared for the first time on the album “Motörhead” released in 1977. And will be on almost every album cover of the band, with some variations, and on the merch and almost everything about the band. It became the band’s legendary logo and mascot.

John Goblikon – Nekrogoblikon

John Goblikon is the mascot of the band Nekrogoblikon; he’s almost a member of the band. We first see John in a video clip for the song “No One Survives” from the album “Stench.” Basically, John is a goblin living in a human world.

We can see him everywhere: in the band’s video clips, on stage with the band, in the merch, on social media, where he has his own profile… John even wrote his own book, “Guide to living your best life,” and was a candidate for president of the USA in 2020 with the slogan “Make America Goblin Again.”

Knarrenheinz – Sodom
Knarrenheinz is the mascot of the German Thrash metal band named Sodom. He is a badass super soldier, a real war machine born to kill, wearing a gas mask and a helmet and multiple weapons like assault rifles or swords. We can see him for the first time on the cover of the “Persecution Mania” album released in 1987.

He’s on many album covers, with some variations of his design, like on “Agent Orange” or “Code Red.” Knarrenheinz is also often on the band’s merchandise and the backdrop on the stage during the shows.