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If you like Gojira, here is the occasion to test your knowledge about the band.

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What was the first name the band picked when it was formed?

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When did Godzilla become Gojira, what year and what was the main reason behind the change?

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Whats the name of their third Demo released in 1999?

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While they were still known as "Godzilla", they were opening for a very well-known BM band for a 10-day tour in France that ended in Lille. Which band was it?

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What was the name of the two first "Godzilla"  Demos, and when were they released?

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How old were the brothers when they formed their first band with Andreu?

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Christian Andreu says he was a passionate fan of a big Metal band as a teenager. Which band was it?

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When and where was the band formed?

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This is the present lineup: brothers Joe (lead vocals, rhythm guitar) and Mario Duplantier (drums), Christian Andreu (lead guitar), and Jean-Michel Labadie (bass). When did Jean-Michel join the band and who was the former bass player?

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Which Album shows a significant change in style, like a mark in Gojira's musical path towards Progressive Metal?

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They incorporated "Math Metal" in their music and said a well-known band inspired them:

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Which Album would you consider the most "Groove" Gojira Album? The one that they consider their most "Groove" album:

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Even if Gojira is a band that doesn't fit exactly in any "box" in terms of music style, how would you class the Demo Possessed and early Godzilla in General?

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What is the name and release date of their 4th demo, and what was the artist who inspired the song writing of that Demo?

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Which album was nominated for the Grammy Award, Best Rock Album?

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In the song 04, you hear a voice talking in the intro. Where was this voice taken/recorded?

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Which album title was taken from a novel with the same title written by Samuel Butler?

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"You can walk me high, then climb up the sky- You can run me high, then climb up the sky, " from what song does this sentence come from and what Album?

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Did Gojira release any songs in French or any other language, and if so, which language?

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What is the meaning of the title of the song "On The Bota."?

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