Metal Love songs part 2

One page wasn’t enough to show how much passion runs through Metalheads’s veins, so here is the second part on tips and curiosities about Metal Love songs to build a playlist and stand out with your Metalhead Valentine with your knowledge of Metal.

Power Metal

Starting with Kamelot’s “Love you to Death”, “Forever”, and “On the coldest winter night”.

Tyr: “The Lay of Our Love”, “Mare of my Night”.

Gloryhammer: “Silent Tears of Frozen Princess”.

Dreamtale: “Secret Door”

Dragony; “Love you to Death”

Helloween: “Hold me In Your Arms”

Dionysus: “Forever More”

Seven Spire; “Every Crest”

Derdian: “Forevermore”

Hammerfall; “Dreams Come True”

Therion: “Siren of the Woods”

Sonata Arctica: “Letter to Dana” Tallulah “, Paid in Full”, “My Selene” and “Love”

Symphonic Metal and Symphonic Black Metal

Nightwish: “Come Cover Me”, “She is My Sin”, “Bye-bye Beautiful”, “Everdream”.

Avantasia: “Lay All Your Love on Me” is an Abba cover.

Tiamat: “Do you Dream of Me”.

Xandria: “Valentine”, “Like a rose on the grave of Love”, “Forsaken Love”.

Penumbre: “Priestess of My Dreams”

Forever Slave: “The Letter”

Serenity: “The Chevalier”

Epic: “Dedicate your Heart”.

Amorphis: “You I Need”, “Silver Bride”, “House of Sleep.”

Dream Evil: “Losing you”

Katatonia – “Unfurl”

Enslavement of Beauty’s “Impressions”, “Tangled in Grand Affection”.


I will leave here some Glam songs, but… is Glam even Metal? :o)

RATT: “You’re in Love”

Mötley Crüe: “You are all I need”

The song was praised by Jon Bon Jovi as “the best ballad Mötley Crüe has ever written.” When informed of this, Nikki Sixx laughed because of the gruesome meaning behind the song. As Sixx would later relate in his Heroin Diaries memoir, “You’re All I Need” was inspired by some real-life violent impulses. In an interview with VH1, Nikki Sixx revealed that a series of events inspired the song before the band became famous. He stated that the song’s lyrics were based on a real-life incident.

Skid Row: “I Remember You”

W.A.S.P; “Hold On To My Heart”

FireHouse: Love of a Lifetime

Cinderella: Don’t Know What You Got (Till It’s Gone)”