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Are you a Power Metal Metalhead? You can now test your knowledge about your fav Metal genre.

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Alestorm is well known for its pirate antics. But what German band popularised pirate metal back in 1987?

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‘Circus of Doom’ is the title of the 2022 album by which band?

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Which of these bands are not considered a major influence on Power Metal?

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Which country has the most power metal bands?

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What musical characteristic sets power metal apart from other subgenres of Metal?

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What is not seen as a characteristic of power metal?

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Many metal musicians have hobbies aside from playing music. What side activity is DragonForce’s Herman Li known to do?

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Being a metalhead is 24/7, but being a musician doesn’t have to be and many band members have jobs beside being a musician. What other gig does Angus McSix singer Thomas Winkler hold?

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Which power metal singer was also a musical star in his homeland?

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In 2019 a power metal cover of Minecraft‘s song Diggy Diggy Hole went viral, launching this band into the scene. Which band are we talking about?

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After 9/11 Iced Earth then singer Matt Barlow left to do more for the community. What new job did he take on?

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Which of the following is not a variance of Rhapsody?

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What is the name of the power metal band once founded by CoB’s Alexi Laiho and In Flames’ Jesper Strömblad?

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Which of the following bands is not an American power metal band?

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Kai Hansen was a founding member of Helloween. After he left in 1989 which band was founded by him?

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Which classic power metal band is associated most with lyrics about Tolkien?

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