Glory Hammer

Gloryhammer is a power metal band with their own universe and own
stories, it’s about a mix of heroic fantasy and of science fiction. The band
was created in 2010, in England, as a side project of Christopher Bowes,
the singer of “Alestorm”. The line up of the band has almost never
changed, except the singer, Thomas Winkler, left the band in 2021 and
was replaced by Sozos Michael. The other members are Paul Templing
(guitarist), James Cartwright (bassist) and Ben Turk (drummer). Every
member has a pseudonym, the name of the characters they embody on
their albums.
Gloryhammer recorded an auto product demo of 3 tracks in 2010, but it
was never released. Then the label “Napalm Records” signed a contract
with the band in 2012.
“Tales of the Kingdom of Fife” is the result of the first collaboration with
“Napalm Records”, their first album, released in 2013. This album
contains the tracks from the unreleased demo with some more tracks.
On 25 september 2015, the second album named “Space 1992: Rise of
the Chaos Wizards” was out. Followed by a world tour for the promotion
of the album.
The band kept up the momentum until 2019 for the release of “Legends
from Beyond the Galactic Terrorvortex”, their last album, for now. Every
album of the band are concept albums, where the members are the main
characters. They are credited with the names of their characters on each
album, not their real names.
To finish, the band released a single in 2022, called “Fly Away”. It’s the
first recorded song with the new singer, Sozos Michael. Maybe the first
of a new album, (I hope).

Gloryhammer is a reference of power metal with epic songs and
amazings stories. Supported by “Napalm Records” since almost the
beginning and by thousands of fans, all around the world. Actually they
released 3 studio albums, for now and maybe another one soon.

● 2013 : Tales from the Kingdom of Fife
● 2015 : Space 1992: Rise of the Chaos Wizards
● 2019 : Legends from Beyond the Galactic Terrorvortex