Documentaries and movies about Metal


Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey

Global Metal

Metal Evolution

Heavy Metal in Baghdad

The Decline of Western Civilization Part II: The Metal Years

Heavy Metal, Louder Than Life

VH1’s Heavy: The Story of Metal

Born in the Basement

Kiss Loves You

Scorpions – Forever and a Day


Frontier: A Trail of Noise Documentary

Slow Southen Steel

Promised Land of Heavy Metal

Full Metal Village (preparing for Wacken)


School of Rock


Sound of Metal

Heavy Metal



Running with the Devil

A History of Heavy Metal

Heavy: How Metal Changes the Way We See the World

Louder Than Hell: The Definitive Oral History of Metal



Get Thrashed: The Story of Thrash Metal

Metallica: Some Kind of Monster

Inside Metal: The Rise of L.A. Thrash Metal

Celtic Frost: A Dying God

Murder in the Front Row (Bay area documentary)

90´s Thrash/Death Metal – A Deathumentary (Morbid Angel, Death, Gorguts, Entombed, Sepultura)

My Bloody Roots (Max Cavaera)

Dave Mustaine: Mustaine – A Life In Metal (2011)

Rust in Peace

Black Metal


Black Metal Satanica

Until The Light Takes Us

Black Metal: A Documentary

Murder Music

Once Upon a Time in Norway

True Norwegian Black Metal

True Norwegian Black Metal | VICE

10 Legitimately Satanic Metal Acts

10 Times Black Metal Was Actually Terrifying

Mayhem reacts to Lord of the Chaos

Norwegian Black Metal: A Documentary

Ten Years Of Mayhem | Black Metal Documentary

American Black Metal: Past and Present

Belgium Black Metal Documentary

British Black Metal: The Extreme Underground | Full Documentary

Bleu Blanc Satan: Early French Black Metal In French


Lord of Chaos


Lod of Chaos


Black Metal: Evolution of the Cult

True Norwegian Black Metal, a book on Black Metal by Peter Beste

Speed Metal



Iron Maiden: Flight 666

Judas Priest – British Steel


Motörhead: 25 & Alive – Boneshaker

Dream Deceivers

Heavy Metal Britannia

Heavy Metal Parking Lot

Ozzy Osbourne: God Bless Ozzy Osbourne

Motörhead: 49% Motherfucker, 51% Son Of A Bitch Medley

Dio: Dreamers Never Die And 9 Other Great Heavy Metal Documentaries

50 Heavy Metal Years Judas Priest

Rainbow in the Dark Dio’s Autobiography

Rob Halford: Confess (2020)

Glam Metal

Mötley Crüe: Lewd Crüed & Tattooed

Rock of Love Seasons 1-3

This Is Spinal Tap

Bruce Dickinson: What Does This Button Do? (2018)


The Dirt Based on Mötley Crüe’s 2001 best-selling autobiography

Death Metal / Melo Death

Death by Metal

Cannibal Corpse: Centuries of Torment: The First 20 Years

Chuck Schuldiner – The Godfather of Death Metal

Death Metal doc.

Death Metal Special 1993 (Death Metal Rockumentary)

Death in the studio recording “Individual Thought Patterns” – 1993

Remembering Chuck: A Tribute To Chuck Schuldiner

Chaos Ridden Years (Children of Bodom)

Thrashed, lost and strung out (Children of Bodom)


Choosing Death

Swedish Death Metal

Alexi Laiho – Chaos, Control & Guitar

Groove Metal

Pantera: 3: Watch It Go

Lamb of God – “As The Palaces Burn” Documentary Movie Official Trailer


Slave to the Grinde

Doom Metal

Documents of Doom

You can also watch

On Netflix, “Gone Too Soon” is about the death of Hendrix, Joplin and others.

On Netflix Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage

On Netflix, Who the F**k Is That Guy? The Fabulous Journey of Michael Alago

On Prime, “Punk Revolution NYC: The Velvet Underground, The New York Dolls and the CBGB Set” and “Punk is not Dead”

On Prime Scorpions – Forever and a Day

On Prime The Rainbow (Famous LA bar and Rockstars)