Angel Whitch

The band was founded under the name Lucifer and initially composed of guitarist Kevin Heybourne, guitarist Bob Downing, bassist Kevin Riddles and drummer Dave Hogg. The name changed to Angel Witch after the departure of guitarist Bob. She was a follower of Black Sabbath’s style, especially in the lyrical part. After signing a contract with Bronze Records, they released their debut album, simply titled Angel Witch, which became one of the most notable albums of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal.

The band returned to activity in 1982 when Heybourne and two musicians from the band Deep Machine (which Heybourne had headed) – vocalist Roger Marsden and bassist Ricky Bruce – soon after was added bassist Jerry Cunningham to the ensemble. This line-up did not last long with Marsden on vocals as he did not sing in the style of the band. He was “fired” from the band and Heybourne resumed vocals.

In 1983 the band closed down again, and Heybourne moved on to Blind Fury. In 1984, Angel Witch is reborn, now with the help of bassist Peter Gordelier, singer Dave Tattum, and Dave Hogg returns to the drums. This line-up records the album Screamin’ N’ Bleedin’. Dave Hogg leaves the band once again and is replaced by Spencer Hollman. With the new drummer, they record the album Frontal Assault, which deviates a bit from the previous Angel Witch albums, with more melodic songs.

Dave Tattum leaves the band and a few years later Angel Witch was playing again. In 1989 they recorded a new live album, Live.

Heybourne decides it is time for the band to go to the United States, but the other members don’t think it is a good idea because they have a more comfortable life in England. Then an incarnation of Angel Witch appears in the United States. It consisted of Heybourne, bassist Jon Torres (from Laaz Rockit), drummer Tom Hunting, and guitarist Doug Piercy. This formation achieved a true “chemistry” and soon the band was able to book several shows in Yankee lands. However, problems were discovered between immigration and Heybourne, and he was arrested the day after the band’s first show. Without Heybourne, Angel Witch soon disbanded.

In 2000, the former members had the intention of playing together again, but after a series of internal conflicts, Heybourne formed a new line-up with other musicians. In 2001, the band was still active and playing concerts.

In 2009 Will Palmer (bass) and Andy Prestridge (drums) joined the band, stabilizing the lineup. In 2012, after 26 years, the band records a new album entitled As Above, So Below.