Kreator is a German Thrash Metal band, one of the most famous with Sodom and Destruction, called the “Teutonic Thrash Metal”. The band was created in 1982 in the city of Essen. The band was originally called “Tyrant” and then changed to “Tormentor”, and finally changed to “Kreator” in 1985 due to the contract with the label “Noise Records”, because the label already has a band named “Tormentor”. 

The same year, the band released his first album called “Endless Pain”. This has influenced the Black Metal scene because of the vocals of the singer and influenced the Death Metal because of the melodies. 

The next year, in 1986, the second album was out, called “Pleasure to Kill”. This album is a classic of the band, more into thrash than the previous one but still much more powerful. 

At an ever so frantic pace, the band released “Terrible Certainty” in 1987, a quality album once again. The label “Noise Records” collaborated with the label “Epic Records” to distribute the band’s merch all over the world. 

The fourth album, named “Extreme Aggression”, was recorded in Los Angeles with the label “Epic Records” in 1989. The same year, Thomas Stadt made a documentary called “Altenessen”.

The next year, in 1991, the band released a new album called “Coma of Souls”. It’s the band’s last pure Thrash Metal album before they began experimenting with other subgenders. 

Following the decline of the popularity of Thrash Metal in the early 1990s, the band decided to orient their music with a bit of Death Metal and Industrial Metal. The result of this is the album “Renewal”, released in 1992. It’s the last collaboration with “Epic Records” because they decided to end their contract after this album. Then the band worked with “G.U.N Records”. Followed by a new album working with this new label, released in 1995 and named “Cause of Conflict”. It has the same vibe as the previous album, with some parts of Groove Metal. 

The band still wanted to experiment and added some goth music to their songs. It will result in two albums, “Outcast” and “Endorama”. Released in 1997 and 1999, it caused a loss of popularity for the band, but it didn’t matter for the singer. 

2001 has come; it’s time for Kreator to come back to the source, and it’s time for the comeback to the Thrash Metal. The result of this is the album “Violent Revolution.” Thrash Metal is back but still with some influences from other subgenders acquired from the previous albums. 

Followed in 2005 by the album “Enemy of God”, in the same way as the previous one, it’s a classic album of the band. 

The twelfth album was out in 2009, named “Hordes of Chaos”. It’s the last collaboration with their label because in 2010, the band started a new contract with the famous label, “Nuclear Blast Records”. This new collaboration generated the album named “Phantom Antichrist” in 2012. 

Followed by “God of Violence” in 2017 and “Hate Uber Alles” in 2022, still in collaboration with “Nuclear Blast Records” and in the Thrash Metal vibe. The band has had its popularity restored worldwide for a while and is very active in live music. 

Kreator is one of the most extensive references to German Thrash Metal, with a large panel of albums and many experiments. The band has done 15 albums for now; we hope there will be more in the future. 


  • 1985 : Endless Pain
  • 1986 : Pleasure to Kill
  • 1987 : Terrible Certainty
  • 1989 : Extreme Aggression
  • 1990 : Coma of Souls
  • 1992 : Renewal
  • 1995 : Cause of Conflict
  • 1997 : Outcast
  • 1999 : Endorama
  • 2001 : Violent Revolution
  • 2005 : Enemy of God
  • 2009 : Hordes of Chaos
  • 2012 : Phantom Antichrist
  • 2017 : Gods of Violence
  • 2022 : Hate Uber Alles