Sepultura Quiz

Sepultura Quiz

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What Motorhead song has Sepultura covered?

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The album Roots cover shows a Brazilian native Indian, and this image was taken from?

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Which year did Igor Cavalera left Sepultura?

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This album was the first album where Max started introducing Brazilian sounds and culture-oriented Brasilian music?

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Where in Brasil does Kisser come from? Which Brasilian state?

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On which Sepultura album did Paulo JR make his recording début?

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Whats is Sepultura second Studio album?

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What was the stage name Igor and Max created?

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What was the first Sepultura lineup?

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The song Territory as inspired by a real crisis in Brazil regarding.

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Which famous drummer was a special guest in one of the Chaos Ad songs?

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Where and when was reccorded the album Under a Pale Gray Sky”?

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"A Hora é a Vez Do Cabelo Nascer" is a song by which Basilian band is covered by Sepultura and in the album Beneath The Remains?

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Which song had the phrase "Same hand that builds, destroys" on it's chorus?

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The song "Ratamahatta" from the album "Roots" has the participation of a Brazilian musician?

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Which Native Tribe did Sepultura meet and was inspired by to create the album Roots?

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Which song they recorded on Chaos AD, "Under a Pale Gray Sky", is a cover of a song by a Brazilian band and what is the name of the band?

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Which song from Chaos AD Sepultura  never played live on stage?

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On their first European tour, they were "opening" for what known band?

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According to Max in an interview, which band brought them to heavier Metal bands and made them want to work with a heavier sound, heavier than the bands they used to listen to, such as Maiden and Motorhead?

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