The band Gorgoroth was formed in Norway by Hat, Goat Pervertor and Infernus in the early nineties. Hat did the vocals, Goat the drums and Infernus the guitar. The name Gorgoroth was taken from the book The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien, the region where Mordor is located.

In 1993, Gorgoroth released their first demo, called “A Sorcery Written In Blood”.

After the demo, Gorgoroth signed with Embassy Records, where they released their first album, “Pentagram”, in 1994. Samoth, from the band Emperor, played bass on this album. After the release of Pentagram, Goat and Samoth left the band.

In 1996, the band signed with Malicious Records, which re-released “Pentagram”.
That same year, they released their second album, “Antichrist”. Participations in this work are from Pest, from the band Obtained Enslavement, who did the vocals, and Frost from Satyricon, who recorded the drums, while Infernus was responsible for the bass and guitar. Hat recorded vocals for 3 tracks. The album “Antichrist” was a tribute to Euronymous, murdered by Count Grishnackh (VargVikernes from the band Burzum and Mayhem)

On February 1, 2004, during a concert recorded for a DVD in Kraków, Poland, the band kept sheep’s heads stuck on stakes on stage and spread 80 litres of the animal’s blood across the stage, in addition to displaying satanic symbols and displaying four models naked, two men and two women, tied to crosses, simulating a crucifixion. A police investigation was launched on allegations of religious offence, which is a punishable crime in Poland — as well as cruelty to animals. Despite this, no criminal proceedings were opened, and the band declared that they did not know that they were carrying out an illegal act. Still, the concert organizer was fined 1000 Złotys in 2007 for failing to inform the band about the illegality of the performances and for failing to intervene.

The controversy cost the band the termination of their contract with the Nuclear Blast record label and the band’s departure from the tour circuit organized by the label. The police confiscated recordings of the concert. However, following the incident, Gorgoroth’s reputation increased among fans, and they went on tour across South America, passing through Brazil, Chile and Argentina.

On August 21, 2012, the band released the following statement: “Out of respect and loyalty to our fans and collaborators, Infernus (guitarist) fired Pest (vocalist) from the band. This happened after Pest informed that he would not prioritize the Latin American tour, as the band would embark in two weeks for Brazil.

Infernus decided to continue the tour as planned, and Hoest, from the band Taake, replaced Pest as vocalist for the shows that started on September 7th.

After a long wait, in June 2015, the band released their latest studio album, titled Instinctus “Bestalis”.
At the end of the year, bassist “Bøddel” (Frank Watkins) passed away due to a serious illness he was suffering from, with Instinctus Bestalis being his last recording.

Atterigner of the Serbian band Triumfall was announced as vocalist for the next Gorgoroth studio album, “Instinctus Bestialis”. The mixing of the album was completed by June 2014, and mastering of it was to be done the next month.
As of 6 March 2015, the album artwork and track listing was revealed, and the release date of 12 June 2015 was confirmed. It is to be sold through Soulseller Records.
Sadly, on 18 October 2015, bassist Bøddel (Frank Watkins) died from cancer.
Hoest stayed as vocalist and Phobos became the new drummer.
In 2019, Infernus and Phobos announced the creation of their own beer, Radix Malorum, in collaboration with Lysefjorden Microbrewery.

Gorgoroth are known for their satanic-themed and anti-Christian lyrics.The band’s founder and guitarist, Infernus, is openly a theistic Satanist and considers himself “Satan’s minister on Earth”. He formed Gorgoroth to express his Satanist beliefs.
The band’s former vocalist, Gaahl, is openly anti-Christian. In an interview for the 2005 Heavy Metal documentary Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey, Gaahl was asked what inspired Gorgoroth’s music, and his reply was simply “Satan”. When asked what he believes Satan represents, he said, “Freedom”.

Gaahl explained his use of Satanic and anti-Christian themes: “We live in a Christian world, and we have to speak their language … When I use the word ‘Satan’, it means the natural order, the will of a man, the will to grow, the will to become the superman and not to be oppressed by any law such as the church, which is only a way to control the masses.”

Gaahl and Infernus openly supported the church burnings perpetrated by members of the black metal scene in the early 1990s. Gaahl further said, “There should have been more of them, and there will be more of them”.

Current Members

Infernus (Roger Tiegs) – guitars, bass, drums, vocals (1992–present)
Tomas Asklund – drums (2007–present)
Atterigner (Stefan Todorović) – vocals (2012–present)

Studio albums
Pentagram (1994)
Antichrist (1996)
Under the Sign of Hell (1997)
Destroyer or About How to Philosophize with the Hammer (1998)
Incipit Satan (2000)
Twilight of the Idols (2003)
Ad Majorem Sathanas Gloriam (2006)
Quantos Possunt ad Satanitatem Trahunt (2009)
Instinctus Bestialis (2015)