Social Media


Your presence on Social Media is vital, especially on Instagram, and TikTok (even if some musicians avoid TikTok considering it to be less music oriented).

Here are some tips on how to succeed on Instagram:

1- A band profile is absolutely necessary and mentioning each musician would also be interesting since you will broaden the chances to get new followers passing through each personal musician profile.

2- On your Bio a link to all your Social Media including YouTube and streaming Apps like Spotify as well as your website if you have one.

3- You should post a few cool photos, and videos but the most important will be to post Reels with your music and clips since Instagram is becoming more vidéo oriented these last months.

4- Posting stories daily is also an excellent idea and you can post your new releases, concert dates, and news but also make a fun music-related Quiz, for example, talk about bands who were an inspiration to your music, show your practice day, your merch, your shows, repost people who mention your work and anything that you consider relevant.
Stories may bring a considerable number of new followers.

The public likes to be entertained and more quality content means more chances to get people involved with your band activities and look for you on Spotify and YouTube to listen to your tracks and view your videos.

5- Trying to get more followers using a “one follow f/ one follow” method, will get numbers but this method isn’t ideal for the following reasons you should privilege QUALITY over QUANTITY:
One follow for one follow, will get numbers but if the person, like you, is simply increasing followers numbers, this person will not engage and participate in liking your posts, Reels and these numbers may finish revealing a “low engagement” percentage to your account. Low engagement translates into less visibility.

It is better to have 1.000 real followers than 10.000 empty shell followers who will not participate or interact in your community.
People who could be potentially interested in your work (like producers) will spot these profiles with “empty shell” followers easily with a glance. What counts is the engagement your followers show towards your work.

The ideal method to get followers is producing content regularly, adequate # (max of 5) and creating daily stories. Another great source in order to get new followers is to ask friends and fans to share your content. If anyone follows after seeing your music through a friend, the chances this person will interact and be a part of your community are very high.

6- The band profile should be used for professional purposes, so avoid liking girls/boys in bikinis but follow your true followers back and don’t hesitate to interact when the subject is music. Avoid interaction with followers if the subject is too personal (for example, no point in liking holidays or couples photos) however if the subject is music, concerts, or other bands, it is nice to participate and leave your appreciation.

7- Keep your feed tidy, interesting and short. Going straight to the best photos/vidéos, show flyers and announcements but avoid a very large profile. You can leave a few chronological significant posts avoiding a very long profile with hundreds of posts.

8- Some bands keep the IG profile of band members separate from the band profile but this is a mistake as people want to know more about each musician.
It is always possible to get a personal profile for each musician separate from the band (personal profile if desired) but a public profile for each musician added to the band’s profile is a bonus and spices up the band’s profile.
Basically, each musician should show what they do and entertain the public with music covers and with their own music.
Guitar men should play the guitar, drummers should drum, show their abilities and interact with the public always leading to your band’s profile.

9- Music covers are a great way to attract people to your profile since you can use the # of the Metal genre of the band you are covering and bring followers who enjoy that precise style to your Instagram account.
If each band member brings a share of followers, your chances to be seen will be greatly increased and it will enhance your Spotify streams since some will look for your music there.

10- Another important point is to follow key people like influencers, record labels and producers and interact with them. Get to know as many people as possible. Social media is a NETWORK after all and the goal is to create links with like-minded people, with your public, with other bands and musicians, producers, record labels, bars and showhouses and Hard Rock/Metal radio stations (small or big). Make your research observing for example who professionals or influencers are following, other bands, and record labels and aim to broaden your own Network by interacting actively.

Getting to know people in your market is the key to good visibility on Social Media and therefore puts all the chances of success on your side.

Ultimately remember that you may be an artist but if you want to obtain success and visibility, your music is a product and you are at the same time your marketing agent and a seller.

This page was created with the help of a professional music agent/manager and we are negotiating a collab: they will be providing free consulting for young bands and we will place an ad linking to their social media at
In the near future, we might be able to provide free guidance to bands who are starting and in need of an advisor.