Sean Walusko

Sean has been doing art for over 30 years, both independently and professionally. Most of his work has been concept art for video games and comic companies, but most of his published works are for Metal album covers.

Here is what he has to tell us:

“Currently, I’m writing a series called Hellverse, in which two books are currently available on Amazon, along with my full-colour 169-page art book “Monsters & Maidens” on Barnes and Noble. My work comprises everything from dark fantasy to the horrific and macabre. I sketch most of my drawings traditionally in pencil before painting over my scanned drawings in Photoshop. Almost everything I do is custom to order unless otherwise specified. I do more than just horror, sometimes working in sci-fi and high fantasy, but no matter what subject I delve into, there’s always a sense of vile bleakness to my style.
I’ve done covers for a Toy Called God, Wurmflesh, Zombie Death Stench, From The Ruins and recently for authors Crew Newcomer and D.E. Grant.”